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Are you enjoying your new glass pipe or water pipe? Let us know & receive 10% off your next purchase! 

We love happy customers and the only thing we love more than happy customers are happy customers that send us cool video testimonials and reviews! If you had a great experience shopping at Just4Smokers.com and are willing to share your experience, send us your video review and we'll give you 10% off on your next Just4Smokers.com purchase!!! EASY!  Just make it cool!
Email us at info@just4smokers.com and add "video review" to the subject line.  Once we get and approve it, we'll send you a discount code.  
Remember, we will not be able to post your video on our site if you use the no-no-words like "bong".  As for the other no-no-words, you know what they are and it's in everyone's best interest not to use them in your video!
Oh...one other, tiny legality.  Please make sure that you're 18 or older (depending on the legal smoking age in your state or country) before submitting your video.  We don't want any angry parental phone calls!  
Your submission will be added to all of our social networks and Just4Smokers.com so make sure your cool with being online before hitting send.  Your privacy is very important to us, so if you're not cool with our using your first name, we won't, but you sure as hell can request we use your cool alter-ego name, or the name you use online instead.  Remember, besides potentially your first name we will never release or use any of your personal information. 
Well that's the boring part, so check out some of our latest video reviews by customers that sent us their happy moments!!  They all have a nice 10% off their next order waiting for them, and so can you!




Check out our YouTube Glass Pipe channel.